Meet The J.Ham Fam

Welcome to our Family's Seasoned Salt Journey
We're a family that believes in the magic of cooking
together, eating together, and staying together.
Our kitchen is not just a room in our home;
it's a place where laughter is shared, memories are made,
and delicious meals are created.
For us, life is about celebrating each moment and savoring
the joy of togetherness. Our family gatherings have always been
centered around a table full of love, laughter,
and our father J.B. Hamilton's signature dishes
and of coursed seasoned to perfection with his unique blend
of spices which we decided to launch
into a family business J.Hamilton's Seasoned Salt.
J.B.s secret recipe has been the heart of our culinary
adventures. It's more than just a seasoning;
it's a symbol of our family's bond and heritage.
Now, we're thrilled to extend this joy and flavor from our
family to yours. Our seasoned salt is not just a blend of herbs and spices;
it's a sprinkle of our family's love and tradition. Whether it's a simple
family dinner or a grand celebration,  we believe our seasoned salt can bring a touch of our family's warmth to your table.
Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to bring a
piece of our family tradition into kitchens everywhere.
Let's cook, celebrate, and enjoy life together, one seasoned dish at a time!